Hello! I’m Camilla. ….nice to meet you 🙂

I grew up in Florence and in its  city center is located My Shop_Lab .

Beside my degree in Psychology, I’ve been able listen to my heart and to devote myself to art and even make a business of that. I actually don’t like to think about my work as a business, but that it is, even though I’m trying to keep it small, pure and simple as much as I can.

I learned the basic techniques of the goldsmith’s art from my father, creating my own jewels since the very beginning.

In 2010 I opened my own studio and later my own Shop in 2016.

Creating jewelry is a passion for me and an art that allows things that live in within myself to come out.

At the time I opened the shop I had the idea to produce ceramics cups ( I love cups!) with drawings matching the jewels’ collection. So I buy the handmade raw ceramic cups and Beatrice, a friend of mine and artisan specialized in ceramic decoration, paint it on my design.

I recently (January 2018) fell in love with watercolors too. So now you will also find hand painted postcards in my shop !

Will see where my creative soul will bring me to next ! 🙂

Hope to meet you in my shop!


I wrote this description quite e few time ago but I think still matches my jewels, now more even.

In my jewels’ simple design live two aspects, which come together in a balance of simplicity and harmony: the romance, inspired by nature, and geometry, which is intrinsically linked to the jewel itself.

My work develop itself through shapes based on opposites:

Black and White

Empty and Full

Delicacy and Strengthness

Movement and Stillness

Organic and Inorganic

Perfection and Imperfection.

There is an unbreakable bond that unite so many different perceptions. The expression of this bond makes seemingly simple creations, instinctively and emotionally complex. Simplicity and harmony that create complexity.

For those who want more information

do not hesitate to contact me