a place for unique jewellery handmade by the artist Camilla Pistolesi



All the jewels you will find in this site are divided in two collections : STORIES and NATURAE, as shown by the logos links above. Click on them in order to see the products.

The products have tags which can help navigating the site. For exemple if you are looking for pendants, click on the ‘pendant’ tags and the page will display all the pendants available on the site. Or if you want to see all the jewels made with red enamel, click on the ‘red’ tag .

let’s say tags works as sort of a filter per time


personally create one by one all of them and most are a unique one piece creations, therefor you  will hardly find a REVIEW. You can still find some on my facebook page left by costumers after visiting my shop (before COVID19).

LINK and on google.

I will report some of them down below

Please note that I manage the site personally and I try to give all the informations in an easy, clear and simple way. I confess not being too much into videos, but I will eventually work on some to add and give a better view of the products and my work. I am a little behind with that, but enhancing my skills 🙂

I apologize in advance if there will be any issue occurring or information missing. DO NOT ESITATE TO CONTACT ME for further informations AND PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!! 🙏


If, beside handmade contemporary jewelry, you are interested in CONTEMPORARY ART or/and MOTO TRAVELS, follow my journey and check out my new site (currently under construction). There you will find my paintings, eventually a blog and motovlog….. all PASSIONS AND ONGOING PROJECTS OF A WILD WOMAN!!!


I just needed a place where to put ALL of myself with all my creations and passions. I am an EXPLORER and as that, AN ARTIST + ADDICTED TO MOTO TRAVELING. I spent the last year figuring out how to put all together and I hope I will be able to give a clear and complete view as I have in my mind!

See you there SOON!




Lovely jewelry. Camilla is is wonderful and incredibly talented. My husband bought me a gorgeous ring at her shop today. I feel like I have something so unique to take home from our trip. ❤️

Michele McCausland


We came upon this shop while exploring the Oltrarno. The jewelry is simple, unique and stunning. I now own several pieces. Camilla is communicative and attentive and reliable. Highly recommend. Ships quickly to US.

Laura Faye Carr

lovely shop & stunning jewelry! love the Illustrations! Thank you!
Sonia Hollerer
Unique jewelry with strong character, highly recommend!
Martin Thirolf
Bijoux raffinés et uniques. Accueil chaleureux.
Flo Cnla
Camilla’s jewelry is simply beautiful!
Pat Teti
Camilla è bravissima e i suoi lavori originalissimi frutto di belle visioni e fantasie…apprezzo molto
Giovanna Spigarelli
The jewellery here is absolutely stunning
Iain Darroch

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