SILVER AND BRASS PENDANT _ Ciondolo in argento e ottone

SIZE about  6×6 cm



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A sub-collection of stories

EQUILIBRISMI is the italian for BALANCING. 

A REFLECTION DEDICATED TO EVRERYONE and CELEBRATING THE EVERYDAY ACT OF RUNNING OUR LIVES, without forgetting who we are and finding our own way of being happy.Also trying to avoid to be stuck with ourselves. Because we have learned to be the most severe judge of our own! In my personal experience feeling happy and proud have changed so much the perception of myself and my life! Literally  warmed and lighted up my soul!


Pendant made of starling silver and brass

The size 6×6 cm and I would personally wear it with a long chain, but that is up to you and your unique taste!

You can keep the metal from oxidation cleaning it once in a while with metals’ universal cleaner. A silver cleaner would work on the silver part of it, but not on brass.

You can also slow down the process of oxidation keep it in a box,  away from light 💡, and possibly away of heat sources.


For the first piece I was inspired from my sister-friend Camilla. Yes! with my very same name! We have chosen each other as sisters.  A great woman, single parent with two boys to grow.

I haven’t had children, but I watch my friends and I can honestly tell I have an admiration! So much time and energies!

Having a sensitive, creative, rebel wild child in within to manage sometimes feels already a bit overwhelming 🤷🏻‍♀️🫀🧘🏻‍♀️ www.camillapistolesi.com

It also came to my mind a nice couple, good friends and parents of two beautiful girls , which was also owner of the next shop in Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, Florence. So I’d like to share here their  web site. Check it out the work of  www.giuliamateria.com!!



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