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LOVERS Pendant

Handcrafted Sculpture Pendant

Square Size about 4 x4 cm

Starling Silver

Sold Out



This piece is part of the STORIE collection and also a SERIES of pieces with kisses, hugs and handshakes, I have first thought of during the times of restrictions due to the pandemia. I lived alone at that time and suffered the absence of contact with other human beings, especially because used to go dancing couple of times a week I suppose.

Only recently finished this pieces (2023)


Every time I’ve created one of this little pieces of jewelry, as been like a LITTLE MAGIC. Each of these frames, like small tridimensional paintings, tell a story, which is my story.

I got inspiration from my life experiences, feelings and things I love, especially and more often from the part of myself that catches beauty in every corner and create beauty in return.

I wish you can see a little of your story as well in your favorite piece of this unique collection of jewelry.

Each piece of this collection is a one piece jewelry.


I usually make an express shipment using the services offered by the nearest MAILBOX ETC. office. They ship with UPS and FEDEX all around the world.

Even though it might cost a little more, I prefer to send via express shipment to reduce the possibilities of the package to get lost in the way. The envelopes usually take 2/3 days to arrive and I haven’t had any trouble at this time.


I take care of the making process from start to finish.

I will personally take care of the order processing and shipment.

If you have any doubt please send me a message here on etsy

As well as if any problem occur, please contact me immediately and I will do what possible to resolve it

Thank you for your trust!



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