SIZE_dimensione 3×3 cm

THE CHAIN IS SEPARATE !_La catenina è a parte !




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out of the net

cages a sub-collection of stories

How many cages we have? How many NO we are told? or how many we tell to ourselves? How many limitations we happen to cross in our lives? can be a fear, or can be physical or emotional or cultural ……..and so

But some times we are able to get out of the net and let ourselves go, be spontaneous or break the routine, try something new, whatever it is  makes a sense of liberation and joy and happiness happen!


Pendant made of starling silver and bronze

THE CHAIN IS SEPARATE !_La catenina è a parte !


A long or short chain is up to your unique style!

If you want to keep the metal from oxidation, clean it once in a while with metals’ universal cleaner. There are many different on sale. You can easily find it at the supermarket too. A cleaner specific for silver would work on the silver part of it, but not on bronze.

I know cleaning sounds work and boring, but jewel is such a small thing. And taking care of something you love can even be a nourishing thing to do.

You can also slow down the process of oxidation keep it in a box,  away from light 💡, and possibly away of heat sources.


Well this piece was inspired by a strong feeling I had at certain time of my life

It is a second piece of a small ongoing serie. First piece of was ‘Sometimes I feel Trapped’.

I’ve struggled , some times I still do, with all the limits I’ve learned especially from the family and so kept telling to myself , until I’ve worked to embrace my unique way of being . I recently have made a collection of abstract mixed media paintings encourage myself to celebrate and welcome my unique way of being. I whish  those paintings to be also an encouragement and example for other women as well as transmit a positive sense of life.

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